Warning - QR Codes might bleach in sunlight

Just an FYI, the QR codes on the Mesh devices don’t like being in direct sunlight… Check the photo below.

Which raises the question, if you need to factory reset and reconfigure one of these, can you do it without the QR code?

That’s unusual. The labels should be more UV resistant than that.

However, if you provide the device ID and submit a support request we can generate a replacement image that you can can scan off your computer screen (or print).

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Thanks, will do. I’ve taken photos of all the other QR codes just in case. This is also the Xenon I have with the Argon QR label :slight_smile:

Oh, in that case it’s a known problem that was fixed. A small number of Xenons were produced with less than permanent labels. The Xenon/Argon confused labels I think were in that group.

Our manufacturing team is aware of this and will be changing printers to a different technology, although I’m not sure if that will be in time for the next mf’g run.


Ok, that’s good to know! Thanks.