Any idea if there is a time line for non smart phone set up of mesh devices


My mesh shipment finally arrived in the UK on Friday after shipping from the USA on Wend. Yeppie! I’ve not had a chance to dive in yet, and this is partly due to my question:

Is there a time line for setting up argons and xenons directly on the CLI without a smart phone?

I personally don’t have a smart phone (for a whole host of reasons) and although I do have a passive tablet, I know its Android level is too low, dispite it having the hardwear required. I could try to flash it, but don’t have the time, to risk bricking it at the moment.

To be honest if I had have realised at the time having the ‘right smart phone’ was a prerequsite when I ordered at the launch, I would not have bothered and waited. But hey I still love the idea of being at the bleading edge.

I know alot of people are having issues with the smart phone thing. And whilst I have my reasons for being totally anti smart phone (dispite and becasue of being raised in the generation for whom all things tech was the norm) its not just me whom, I think would rather set up their devices directly on a computer.

Becasue after all this wait, it would be a shame to have to leave my mesh hardware prestine in the box along with my Redbears, Galileo and all the other almost ran tech.

I for one would rather wait, for the right tools, rather than end up spending $1000.00 on a smartphone I don’t want.


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Particle has a lot on it’s plate right now with these being released.
A lot.
I have no affiliation with Particle but would guess that you should set your expectations for weeks into 2019 - earliest.
Or find a friend with an iPhone for initial setup.

Your fastest route to joy will be to borrow someone’s phone. Just uninstall the Particle app when you’re done to be polite.

The string beneath the barcode is only half of the data. I don’t see the other half of the barcode data anywhere in any human-readable way, but it can easily be seen with a decent barcode scanner app. I recommend QR & Barcode Reader by TeaCapps. I don’t think you can actually DO anything with those strings in either the CLI or the web interface though. The computer doing the provisioning would need bluetooth to provision a Xenon or Boron. Maybe there’s a way to get an Argon into wifi access point mode like Photons, but I don’t see how.

Edit: Silly me, I just remembered you can plug a USB cable into it, so of course you don’t need bluetooth to provision with a computer. That’ll be great when it’s ready.