Want to hire spark core programmer

just did cobol in college. I am more of a sales/person than programmer. sorry
in process of learning arduino programming-head hurts.
need to get a product up and running.
attach to wifi network (set up ease is important as each will be different)
need to wake up a core on the push of a button (save battery)
send an email or a sms to my phone or email account (gmail ok, att phone ok)
go back to sleep until next button push.

if anyone has an app or spark product that needs selling I am willing to market it
for you.
gary woodward

Interesting project. A couple of questions.

  1. Size, are there any special size constraints? How about environment? Hot, cold, or humid?
  2. attach to wifi network - The Spark Core and Photon already have ways to get this accomplished. Are you imagining another process?
  3. Wake up core by battery press - very do-able
  4. Send SMS/Email also very do-able as long as we have enough time to wake up and send out a Spark event
  5. Go back to sleep - very do-able

environment is normal office climate.
attach to local wifi network is important as I may have as many different
wifi net works as units out in the field.

would like to power from a couple of lithium aa for power budget (as maybe avoid power loss from
on board power unit???

box would be the size of two 9v battery side by side or a little larger.
only latency I can see is the particle cloud server that parses every fifteen minutes or slower as volume increases.
may want to just go to a mail server, incoming, outgoing.disconnect.

initially button presses notifications will got to my email or sms. down the road we will point to other recipients.
I must also have a way to identify the button pusher. either a phone number or a name that it was sent from.
gary woodward hurleysautoaudio.com

could also power from a 9 vdc battery