Looking for someone to develop a small application for me

I am looking for someone to develop an application based on the Spark (and now Photon as well).
Anyone interested or can point me to someone they know who may be interested?

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@gilevi74, can you give a few more details? :smile:

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I second @peekay123, more info please!

Also, I wonder if this forum would benefit from a “marketplace” or sorts. Perhaps not for buying and selling items but only for those looking to hire people for Spark related projects (and/or perhaps for selling Sparkcore projects like the plugee maybe?) Would be kind of cool. Spark (the company) could even ask for a small “finders fee” for jobs and made some side money. Would be kind of cool.

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Briefly I am looking for the spark to directly connect to some basic hardware (serial and on/off switches) as a controller, and to a mobile phone to control it. The connection to the mobile phone will support both direct connection (by the phone creating an AP for initial connection) and later on through BAAS service (probably Realtime.co). The spark must keep a connection to the Realtime DB (over a local Wi-Fi) and receive commands in order to control the hardware, which will be sent via the mobile phone also connected to the Realtime service.
I will have a more detailed document soon.

Is there a reason the phone needs to create the initial AP? SparkCores aren’t configured this way (the Photon uses a ‘Soft AP’ for initial config).

Also, unless you need some kind of DB connected to the SparkCore the Spark Cloud itself seems like it would work for you application. Writing apps to interface with the core via the cloud anywhere in the world is actually pretty straightforward and do-able. I’d obviously have to know more about your use case to go into further detail. I’m looking forward to more info!

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I need to guarantee availability and volume ramp up and that is not possible through the Spark Cloud as I understand it.
Also this is a many to many application, so the Realtime channel subscription type of service is much easier to implement while keeping security and privacy.
Regarding the AP I thought it up during the Spark Core phase and now that the Photon can open an AP this might be a viable solution.
I just thought of checking out this forum before posting the work up through one of the online freelancer services on the net.


Well I think this is a great place for such posts, given people’s familarity with the SparkCore. Tbh I think we’d all need a bit more information about what you are trying to do before confirming interest. I know my interest is piqued but again, I’d have to know a bit more before I would know if I would feel comfortable working on the project!


Noticed this is a pretty old thread, but we have some excess engineering bandwidth right now and have a deep background in Particle and embedded in general. If you are still looking for help, let me know the best way to get in touch!