Looking for developers

Hi guys,

I think this is the best place to ask.

I’ve been working on a project and need some help from you guys with coding. I have a Photon core and a neopixel ring. I would like to have a way of the Neopixel change color depending on the notifications that come up on my android phone. So for example, whatsapp notification turns the rings green, Gmail red… Etc.

It’s a proof of concept for the physical design of the product. However, I need to get this working to show to a client. Ideally would be a simple way that the client can link his phone to the spark and set up its wifi and notification settings.

Anybody would be up to this challenge? I’m willing to pay.

best, Nic

How does your Phone tell the device (is it a Particle Photon or a Spark Core - there is no Photon core :wink: ) what kind of notification it got?
This point is pivotal to answer your question.

Or are you looking for someone to write an app/service for Android that does that?

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That’s quite a bit of coding ahead of you for this with both Android and the Photon.

On the Android side you need to capture notifications and act on them. What I suggest you do here is grab one of the open source Android wear apps and see how they do this.

Next you need to then work out how to find the Photon on the network and send the commands to it. The other option is to use the variables via the cloud but that will mean a delay. Run a UDP listener on your Photon that listens for a broadcast from your phone and then replies back to the IP with a TCP/IP connection. You now should have the phone and the Photon connected over the network.

Good luck with this. It’s an interesting project if indeed a fair but of work ahead of you.

Interesting. I think with the cloud variables you can build a fast prototype. But indeed a person needs to sign in to the Particle Cloud and connect his Photon.

You can also think in broadcast an UDP message and let the Photon listen to all broadcasted data.

Maybe you can contact developers notification apps. They already have some implemented code of catching notifications (doesn’t seem to hard if you are an Android developer):

I’m not experienced in Android development, so diving into that might cost to much time.