Looking for someone experienced with Spark for contract work

Hello, I know this may not be the most conventional way to go about this but here it goes…

I consult with a company (whom I wont mention in this post) who has an existing product line that they would like to make smartphone enabled; some of the features being looked at are:

-programmable on/off switch (timer)
-trackable/adjustable voltage (for RPMs)
-temperature and tilt sensors
-light sensors

-app for phone

This would be a contract job, and somebody in the los angeles area would be strongly preferred. Programming skills are a bigger priority as compared to hardware skills. Pay will depend on experience, execution, and speed of delivery. You can respond to me here or on twitter (@WillSayAye) and we can exchange info and see if this will be a fit. Much appreciated.

@WillAye1 I do contract development for Spark and other microcontrollers. You can reach me at piette.technologies@gmail.com

@WillAye1 Did you get any bites for the contract role? We’re looking for someone similar and any pointers would be much appreciated.

He got one :slight_smile: I would suggest you start a new thread and post what you require and see who bites!