Dallas, Tx. Looking for a local App and product developer

Looking to hire/partner with someone that can help me develop my product/app located in Dallas, Tx. We are interested in hiring or partnering with a local developer to develop our Spark based product. Thanks.

It might be useful to give some info on what you’re trying to make, since different things require different skills. So an idea as to what to expect might be mutually beneficial.

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@Moors7 seconded. we would need some more information to be of any help to you @Desinor50!

For example: circuit board design for a sparkcore and android app design for controlling a sparkcore are completely different animals!

Thanks for the feedback.

This may be a bit vague but essentially we are looking to develop a compartment that can be locked and unlocked via the app. The compartment automatically notifies the app when opened and closed. Im not sure what spark components would be involved or required to accomplish this but from what i’ve seen can be done without much customization.

That sounds like something I worked on at school. If you’ve ever been to disneyworld they have have lockable lockers for guests to stop things before rides. I was doing something similar using school IDs as a “key.”

What kind of starting point are we looking at here? Do you already have the compartment? Does it already have an electronic lock on it? Is this a retrofit or are we doing everything from scratch? Is this a battery application or is power readily available? What kind of turn around time are you looking for?

I imagine you are also looking for the app development? Android, iOs, both?

Sorry for so many questions but, at least for me, all of those are necessarily before committing to a project.

The design of the container will be from scratch. The 3d renderings for a compartment are being designed as we speak. The container will be battery operated. The goal is to have a working prototype in 90 days. Trying to figure out if the locking mechanism and gears will be something someone on this forum could help me on as well or if I need a mechanical engineer for that process…

Ok cool. Now i’m getting a pretty good picture.

Let’s try a few more:
How big is said box? Where will it be located (harsh conditions?) How are you recharging the batteries? How often? (Ie, how long does the core have to “survive” on battery power between charging).What’s the desired response time between someone on the app pressing “open” the the door opening. Would it be ok to restrict the user to having to “wake up” the box (ie, by pressing a button perhaps) before using the app to open it or can the user be anywhere in the world and open the box?

Size: Small shoebox
Location: Outside and will be subject to the elements
Batteries: Open to a few options here… could be replaceable or rechargeable.
Core: I would like the core of the product only be on when being accessed, or open. All other times in a sleep mode that requires very little power. Having the user press a button to “wake up” the box would be fine.
App: Being anywhere in the world and give permission to anyone accessing the box would be ideal.

Ok, cool.

Run me through your use case.
User A, with app, has perhaps placed an item in the SparkBox. User A is nowhere near the SparkBox but both User A and the SparkBox have internet access.

User B, with or without the app, wants access to said item in said SparkBox. User B is next to said SparkBox

What happens next in your mind? If any of the above are incorrect feel free to correct me

I am in Dallas TX and can help with the PCB layout and prototyping etc. Someone else would have to assist with the code and cloud functionality though.

Hi there. Have you by chance created a custom Pcb using a spark core or photon with a battery source to power it all??


Noticed this is a pretty old thread, but we have some excess engineering bandwidth right now and have a deep background in Particle and embedded in general. If you are still looking for help, let me know the best way to get in touch!