RFID Smart Locker

Hello Spark community!

This is a project that i prototyped over the past few days to demonstrate the conversion of a simple looking locker into a Spark powered locker!

1.) Turning those mechanical number combination lock typically takes up to a minute.

2.) The old user remembers the combination and issuing it to a new users doesn’t guarantee security of your belongings

3.) There’s 100s of lockers lying around and issuing and taking back lockers can be reallllyy messy!


1.) Adafruit PN532 NFV shield

2.) Power supply shield by @Hootie81

3.) 8.4V Lipo battery

4.) SM Servo motor

Future plan

1.) Monitor the locker status remotely.

Are they all locked after 10pm? Otherwise, send an email to the user as a friendly reminder

Add/remove card access to each individual remotely via a Web GUI managed by lab technicians

2.) Sleep mode to converse battery life

Internal lock mechanism:

General usage demonstation:

Sorry for the poor videos! The locker is huge and i was filming it alone. :smiley:


What a cool build and application!

Did you use my power supply? hows it running? does the core get hot? was there much ripple on the output?