Electronic Deadbolt, Electronic Door Lock

First, thank you Zach Supalla, Zachary Crockett, Stephanie Rich, William Hart, David Middlecamp, Mohit Bhoite, Joe Goggins - keep up the good work!

For people who are reading this: I made this from scratch, Im not skilled carpenter, electrician or programmer, if you are ordinary guy and you are inspired by this - you can do this too.

At the moment there is not much to share, only some pics. I need advise from code masters, embedded systems developers and electricians.

Questions for advanced level people:


So main idea is to work for month on batteries - core team please share ideas how you we can achieve this, and how in this particular situation, less wires is better.

Looking forward to hear from all of you.


Very nice! Love the woodwork!
How are you dealing with the cores’ current unreliability? Do you still have key access?

Yes, there is key access. In fact, I think, there is no difference is your electronic lock from brand company or home made, physical access should always be alternative to electro-mechanics.
Keep in mind, its all about convenience, not security enhancement (thieves will hack your door, regardless of its complexity, plus it is not the primary place they use to break in). You can have less heavy keychain, but keys should be somewhere not far to reach in case of need.

This is super slick! Any videos of it in action?