Help home automation


I am beginner and I’m planning my 1st personal project, which will be a simple home automation.

The control is done via web / mobile application that will develop, because I already have knowledge in this part.

The project consists primarily of:

Access door controll, components:
• Fingerprint reader
• Electric Lock 12V

Lighting Control
• Dimmer to control 3 LED lamps at the same time (room)
• Turn on/off kitchen light
• Turn on/off the room light

I can do this with just one core?

I would like suggestions for core power, initially it will be supplied with an adapter into the outlet.

All features must have an alternative way to be activated when the core is off / disconnected from the internet. Example:
• The lamps can be activated both by the switch when the core
• There must be a way to open the door if the core is offline.

Please help me with ideas, tips and suggestions.

Thanks You

Nice project

I have been playing with similar things myself, if you search the forum you will find my fingerprint reader that I also hooked a display up to welcome people or tell them to go away :slight_smile: the door lock itself didn’t change but the bit it latches into I changed to an electric door strike so when the correct print is detected it let’s you push open the door without unlocking it… If that makes sense? And you can still use a normal key to unlock and open the door.
**** a little disclaimer, be sure to check your insurance will still cover you with an electric door strike fitted ***

There are a few forum posts about light dimmers too. I haven’t used one myself but I have built a board to control the wireless lights and fans in my house.

Another fun thing to play with is blinds,


Hey! thks!

I found your post, thats great!

My module arrived these days, and I started working this weekend.

I have a problem to connect the module, it only flashes red and turn off, does not stay on.

I connected the cables the same way as you:
Red cable in 3v3*
Black cable into the GND
White cable in TX
Green cable RX
And the 3v3 in the positive

Any idea what’s wrong?

Thank you!

Which code are you using? It needs to be “scanning” for the red back light to be on

I have not uploaded the code, I thought that the light would stay on when the power was on!

I will test later and then return!

Thank you!

Works! thks!

Now I’ll see if I can control the serial communication via PHP, to make the management and upload of digital through a web interface, I think it will not be possible to do this. Any idea?

Even if it is possible, as a premise my core needs to be connected to a computer for the serial connection is made by USB and make control via web, I think that’s not cool.

Really do not know how to start it.

My initial idea is to have a register of users in Mysql database and bind ids generated in the fingerprint, to then create a list of each user access reports.