Spark Core Based Mechanical Door Lock

We have developed a smartLock called sparkLock a door based mechanical lock which can be remotely controlled via a mobile application(web/phone) using the sparkCore module.We haven’t integrated our prototype with a mechanical lock but we are planning to take this product higher.As of now we haven’t got any funds from college so we are unable to proceed.I would request my fellow friends here to help me out.

A research paper on the same has been published in a reputed international journal.The link is given below for references:

Project URL:

Any help from the community regarding the same will be highly appreciated.

Diljit PR

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would appreciate if you keep the same content in one thread and not post on other random ones so that people finding a solution in their related thread gets what they need quickly.

Thanks! :wink:

@diljit, what help are you seeking exactly?