Freelance Spark Coding?

Hello, Due to other pressures and timelines I’m interested in out sourcing a bit of Spark coding and development, The Spark looks to be the business for our proposes but I can’t afford the time to learn it, especially given the fact I’m not from a coding background.

I would be keen on using to facilitate such a transaction.

I’m especially looking for someone with NeoPixel and the PN532 RFID reader chip experience.

anyone keen?


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I’m actually working on a client project involving that RFID chip right now! What’s the best way to get in contact with you? You can shoot me an email:

Edit: Once I can get a little background on what you’d like done, I’d be happy to use for the transaction. :smile:


Thanks for replying Timb! I will attempt to document a few details and project specifications over the weekend in order for you to get a clear understanding and to help you formulate a estimate. Will be in touch soon. Cheers Nick =)

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