Looking for contract SW developer for app development and Google NEST etc integration

Hi, I am the founder of a company developing an innovative cooling system for residential homes and small commercial properties. The potential market is vast; The product could go into most homes in the western US and many small commercial properties. I already have a partner who is one of the biggest installers of this type of system in LA so the installation channel is already there. I am a mechanical engineer and have designed the cooling system but we plan to develop a wireless control system based on the Photon which would have apps for iphone and android etc. The project is bootstrapped so money is tight but we are looking for someone to help with the app development and maybe power electronics too on a part time side job basis. We would like to build some prototypes and install them then go for funding. In that scenario there could be opportunities to come on board full time and get in early to a really neat little startup. I am in the Bay Area so if anyone is there its ideal but its not a showstopper if you aren’t. Send me an email if interested speck@sunglen.com

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Just for clarification are you looking for a software dev to write Photon code or to write Android / iOS code?


Thanks for your message.

I guess there are two aspects to this:

  1. First of all, we need someone to write the code for the Photon to control the power electronics to the fans and a couple of servos (relays or similar) and to receive signals from temperature sensors.
  2. Secondly we need someone to write the code for this controller to communicate via the cloud and allow the user to access this system via (ideally) 1) web app 2) iphone app 3) android app. If it is too much work to have all three we might start out with one or two of the control options then expand to the other two, but I am guessing that once we can communicate with the cloud developing the apps might not be a big deal. (but I’m not a developer so could be wrong).
  3. We also want to communicate with Google Nest. I understand there are two ways you can do this: one is via their API (cloud) and the other is a direct communication via “Thread” (a version of 802.15.4 i.e. Zigbee). However most people say Zigbee is a pain so we will probably just communicate via the API.

If you have the skill set to work on all the software dev that’s ideal, but if you can only do part it might work too.

Let me know what you can do.


Steve Peck
Sunglen, Inc.