Looking for developer (paid/contract)

Hey! We are a company based in Portland Oregon with an interesting project. Looking to work with a developer on our project. We have a tech lead that will be involved with the project and a project manager. Looking for extra horse power to get the project completed and out to market.

Project –

We have existing firmware for a Particle board.

We want to be able to poll humidity and temperature boards over I2C (dev libraries are available) and send sensor data over HTTP to an existing web service. The available sensor boards will be hard-coded in the firmware as we have a limited number of boards in use.


  • Experience with Particle (preferred) or Arduino development
  • Experience with using HTTP over Particle or embedded (IoT)
  • Preferred experience with using I2C to access sensor boards (humidity, temperature)


I’m not sure what the etiquette is in responding to these product creation posts, Im new to these forums, so I hope its okay to respond with interest in your project. I have built similar things in the past. I’ve used the esp8266 with a temperature and humidity probe to posted data to a website/database over a wifi network. Obviously it can be used in both directions by using a callback as an instruction too. Or post to a service. I’m also familiar with using i2c on arduinos for lcd displays, uBlox gps etc. The particle boards are similar if not almost identical to programming in arduino with .ino sketches.

You mentioned firmware though. Do you actually mean firmware or are you looking for someone to pollish and flash code, not firmware? Thanks, Ben

(*Edited to change the spelling of Pollish as not to offend the Polish. And although that’s a good set up for a Polish joke, I’ll keep it to myself and avoid the PC police)

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Welcome the Particle community.

The usual etiquette for replying to job postings is to send the original poster a message in reply to the job post and then to leave a comment on the job post stating that you’ve sent the original poster a message.

Your account may be too new to send messages on the forums.

Thanks @nrobinson2000 I’ll keep that in mind for future posts. I’ll send a message directly. I’ll leave my comment/post as is though, since it addresses a question that others might have, and maybe @stephen.holland can provide some clarity for others whom might also be interested.

Acutally you never flash or run the (source)code on these devices.
When you write code for a microcontroller then build and flash it to the µC it becomes the firmware, as it resides firmly on the device itself.
Unlike software that resides on an external storage device and gets transferred into RAM for the processor to execute it from there and hence is volatile (soft not firm).

As a side-note, Particle devices feature multiple firmware modules - one of which is the application module which is the one you usually replace with the binaries your code results in when building the project.


Thanks @ScruffR, makes sense. Maybe I should have assumed that’s what the OP really wanted when they posted “hard-coded in the firmware”. Still seems like a fairly straightforward project, as its not really doing anything functionally ground breaking. Either way, I sent the OP a message, and haven’t received a reply. Maybe I’m too green regarding the Particle ecosystem, regardless of the parallels to programming a standard stm32, arduinos, ardu clones, or espressif boards.

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