Freelance Particle Programmer Required

Hello, I certainly don’t want to break the forum rules so, if this is inappropriate then please remove!

I just want to say i am currently looking for some Particle/Arduino programming and have advertised on I’ve been battling to attach a link to the job. but if you use the Project ID: 19889238 it should come up.

Essentially I require code written for a Particle Micro-controller (Electron).
The electron will need to check a website for a 5 separate variables every 15 minutes,
Then adjusts a bank of relays to either open fill valves or drain valves until analog signals form a level sensor matches that of the website variables. The hardware is completed, i can supply pin in/out diagrams etc, I would need a brief written that i can supply my client to make the necessary and minimal adjustments to their website.

Kind Regards

Hey there!

So long as it’s Particle related, this should be just fine. It might actually be better to link to the actual post, rather than the generic domain. Seems less like advertising, and will give people a chance to see if it’s applicable for them :wink: