Particle Dev / General Contractor Needed - New York Area

Hello forum,

Reaching out to see if there are any Particle proficient dev’s who are open to take on contract / freelance work, and who are based within call-out distance to NY.

Summary of project / product

We have a pilot box (Electron+Asst Tracker shield + debouncing board) on a client site (large 77 floor building construction site in NY) that is connected to an external antenna and a Honeywell limit switch sensor. The sensor is actuated as a construction site hoist moves up and down floors - sending floor level and other data to our app (to improve a number of vertical transportation inefficiencies).

Contractor Needed

We are based in Europe and India and are wanting to find out if we can work with someone who can initially help us better understand and overcome some issues on site (noted below), and ideally to be on call for further work (and ultimietly if there is a good fit and interest on both sides potentially to get more involved with the team/product development). The more proficient and experainced you are a programmer and with the Particle platform and connecting to industrial sensors the better, however this initail work could also suit someone who is fairly new to Particle but has field support experience, quality or strong client relationship management skills.

Current Support Needed

Currently as far as we can tell the Electron is stable and operating fine but we need a site visit to check the other components that are impacting the functionality of the app - inspecting how the sensor and actuating rod is working and to take video footage (as the sensor readings are frequently erroneous due to a physical and / or programatic issue), as well as checking the antenna setup, together with some other work. We would try and arrange for you to meet a Honeywell application engineer on site and can provide a full overview of the project and support needs if and when needed.

Currently the Electron is housed in the asset tracker box, which has been working ok to date but is not ideal for opening up to reset the electron or to house other components and sensors connectors etc. We have a new enclosure with waterproof sensor cables and development of the product in the making etc - but we need to get the pilot up and running first.

Please reach out in the thread or directly if this may be of interest and we can chat about callout and per hr costs and / or if anyone on the forum has alternative ideas on managing this type of remote pilot scenario.


Note to Particle: I haven’t posted this in the jobs channel as it’s not a full role and I don’t have a full job spec to hand - but if this post is not suitable for the general channel, please move as needed or let me know if I do need to create a job ad.

I could imagine a hall sensor, or magnetic switch, could be used with a small magnet to provide reset functionality. No need to open it up then :slight_smile: Just a thought, in case you hadn’t considered it already.


Good thoughts. It’s something we have considered and might do - possibly controlling the magnet a few meters away from the enclosure so the car driver has access to it.