Particle electron / Boron from development to manufacture "recommendation"

Hi All,

I am using particle electron to remotely monitor vibration from industrial sensor “4-20mA” output, and it does work fine, now I am thinking to go for large number, i am talking about 60 devices may be more, so i need your recommendation if thats ok,

What is the best way to do that, is it to buy 50 electron and use them or ask particle to manufacture them if they do?

Your advice please.

Thank you very much

It depends. As far as I’m aware Particle doesn’t produce customer’s products, unless you specifically hire them for that (their are various tiers of involvement available).

If you’ve got a completed and functional design, you can get them made by 3rd parties. You can also just order the PCBs and component separately and manufacture in-house for such a low-volume run.

There’s also the consideration of using the Electron, or E series, or the boron (or the unreleased production module of that)

Long story short, your question is a bit too open to give a specific answer to. Could you help narrow it down a bit more? What have you got so far, what are the requirements? What still needs to be done? Etc…


Thanks Moors7,

Well, I have particle electron with a carrier board that can accept 4-20mA, so convert 4-20mA to compatible analogue input that electron can accept, also this board accept 24v as a voltage supply. the requirement is electron robust enough for industrial, is it better to manufacture in the house or go to third party, is particle company can do that if i send them my requirement ? but i guess 60 devices still low number.

is there any one used particle for mass production?

many thanks

@majj_11, “mass production” is not 60 units! You may want to look at Seeedstudio or Macrofab for manufacturing your boards. Is the carrier board your own design or did you purchase from a 3rd party?

The E0 is considered the “industrial” version of the Electron. However, there are many more things to consider when using the E0 such as the power supply. You may want to connect with the Particle Studio folks to help you take the next steps. It is NOT a free service but they will provide the advice you need to move forward.