Looking to hire paid freelancer for integrating new features to existing product firmware

Probably when you read my post you say this is not the place to write this and I mean it too but the “General” thread is closed to new posts and I can’t find the “Hiring” category that existed before. For this reason, I risk using “Social” as a category of consolation.

Hi folks, I look to hire a developer for developing and integrate new requests feature into an existing product who use Particle Argon/Boron and communication with our Cloud application. It’s not about I don’t want to share the purpose of this project but the product is for automate some tasks for farming harvest. Connected to our cloud application, the Particle receives some settings about automation and handle it by controlling relays. Actually, the firmware runs fine, we have some lack of speed but we more look to integrate new features. We have a good relation with the actual team but the development pace since to be slows down for a couple of months and some resources are moving, we need to recovery the lost time and for this reason need to hire.

This project is ongoing and for a long-term relation.

Pls PM me and we will share information and discuss

Hi Steve,
If you are still on the lookout for someone, I would be interested in hearing more about your project as all what you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson.56782@gmail.com