Looking for electrical engineers with Blynk experience

Hi all, our clients often pair Particle hardware with Blynk apps, so I thought this would be a good place to reach out. These companies tend to need help with electrical engineering and firmware work and are regularly asking us for consultant referrals. Ideally, looking for someone who has built successful connected devices in the past and have either worked with Blynk IoT Platform or are willing to learn it quickly. Is there anyone here who fits the profile and would be interested in a chat?

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Welcome to the community @irynaiot .

I’m surprised that you don’t have a dozen+ responses to your post after 5 days.

If you truly need a EE working under a Consulting Firm, I can help.
But you’d be looking at ~ 1/10 the cost if you are open to anyone here that performs Freelance work on the side, with a much quicker turnaround usually.

If you haven’t received any Private Messages yet, you might consider commenting here if a Freelancer is acceptable.

Best of Luck,

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@Rftop thanks Ryan! Yes, freelancers are definitely an option. Although we have different kinds of clients with varying budget levels, so interested in both options. Would you mind PMing your info?