Looking for schematic capture and layout help

Where do you find folks to help design the circuits? What are your best resources?


Announced in the email from a couple of hours ago: https://www.particle.io/servicepartners might be interesting.

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Also there are individuals with experience using this forum, Arduino forums, RPi forums, etc that would be more than capable of working with small projects and individuals.

I was in the same boat about 20 years ago and there was no internet to help !

If you are interested in a commercial project - look for an established design team that can cover all the bases - concept through to delivery logistics. Expect to pay accordingly!

There may be some people who are quite capable that will offer free advice, if you are willing to learn the subject and solve your own problems, but please be realistic when asking for help.

Good luck with your project !

@Moors7 I just saw that too :smile:

@arbutus99 totally. If anyone wants to make a little $$ on a contract side job, hit me up (pm or email).

Just need to get a proof of concept up a couple steps beyond the breadboard state it is in now. If that works, then I’ll hit one of the big guys with their 6 figure price tags.


Depending on how complicated it is, you might just was to dump as much information as you’re willing to share on here. There are almost always people willing to help out. That decision is also a lot easier to make if you know what it’s about :wink:

I suppose I should have been more verbose in the original post! The device is breadboarded out and working. I need someone to help me put the build package together – BOMs, part number sorting, etc – help me with the schematic capture and then help me with the layout files. An Allegro/Eagle/OrCAD guru, basically.


For fun ?
For learning ?
For profit ?

If for profit - how much are you willing to pay and what prior experience with electronics/engineering do you have ?

For profit. I have a decent budget and lots of past expertise.

I guess the question was more general: the Particle service partners are a great resource. I also have used oDesk/eLance/Upwork in the past as well as MindTribe, Tess Engineering, LogicPD, Sierra Circuits. But I’m curious where people go to find these resources. Who are your best subs? Who does the best layout, schematic capture, etc?


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