Services for software design

Does anyone know of a service or just a really great person that could spend an hour or two with me (phone is fine) to review my plans as they relate to software design (focused on the firmware at this point) for my product? Same for the hardware side as well for that matter. I’m not looking for full on consulting but really just a sanity check, potential pitfalls in my approach and some pointers to help me stay on track. I’m not quite ready to put the project into the full light of day and it’s become too complex code wise to post for feedback. I have what I believe is a rock solid idea and if I don’t end up bringing it to market myself I plan to OpenSource the whole thing because I believe it is needed that much. Not trying to “change the world” just making one part of the home a little better.

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Hi @LukeUSMC,

I hope you found someone on the community to help, but if you did want to investigate using paid services, we have great relationships with a bunch of consulting firms we could introduce you to. Feel free to ping us at services (at) if you’d like to take that route.