Looking to hire/partner with someone that can help me develop my product/app

We are interested in hiring or partnering with a developer to develop our Particle based product. Needing to get a prototype/display built as soon as possible.

The product is embedded with wifi (spark core) that lights up (16 LED Neopixel Ring) and chimes (sound chip). The product is activated by a button on our website (eventually an app) Case dimensions for these parts are 4” by 4”

If you have the experience, we will provide the inspiration for you to want to be a part of this team! Please contact me. loveandlightcrystals@gmail.com

What exactly would you need said person to do? Doing what you’re describing should be fairly easy to do yourself, should you care to give it a try. There’s a neopixel library available that’s easy enough to work with, and the module described on this topic makes it very easy to add sound.

Also, does it really have to be the Spark Core, or would the newer, improved, and cheaper Photon work as well?

Thank you!!! Your reply really gives me hope that I might find the help I’m searching for. The skills and knowledge of users here are amazing. I’ve tried reading through threads and I am very willing to admit that its beyond me.

Upgrading to a Photon would be an excellent idea. Thank you.