Gig work for Electron guru! Neopixel a plus

Hi guys,

Have posted here several times. I’m a CTO for an early stage startup and the IoT device in our solution is based on an Electron. I have some mostly working firmware but it needs small to major rework to make it commercially viable. Are you a “guru”/elite/etc on the Electron and interested in a short gig? Neopixel experience a plus. Simple hardware electronics a plus too. If qualified and interested, read on.

-Can’t be too pricey. Did I mention we’re an early startup?
-Code works great on a Proton-based prototype but when ported to an Electron, doesn’t work that well. E.g., there’s insufficient logic for dealing with an iffy signal.
-Currently 775 lines of code to give you a basic idea. Two webhooks and one published var.
-Hardware is simple relatively: Neopixel bar, RGB LEDs as well, 5 DIs, temperature module, photocell with resistors, piezo, pretty much it. Designed by an EE so comfortable that the hardware is sound.
-Firmware, however, might need a little (improvements) or a lot. For example, the firmware checks for input, plays sounds and light patterns via a loop so timing is pretty much part of the code. Might need to do something like DI interrupts for better performance. Other approaches might need to change as well.
-Will require a signed NDA.
-Need it the sooner the better!

If this is in your wheelhouse, let me know ASAP. After an NDA, I would provide the full spec of what’s what. Thanks!


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It sounds like you are making a cool product.

How are going to cover the costs of operating your product? You will need to pay for the electron’s cellular data and the Particle product management console.

The full answer to your question requires an NDA. :wink: The short answer is that our users will pay a monthly. Hopefully, Particle will reduce the price of their cellular plan in line with one of their competitors.


I’m interested in helping you.

It’s okay to share more about your product here on the Particle Community. If someone seriously wanted to steal your idea they would have done it already.


I don’t have a list of questions per se, I just need someone to review and update the firmware. It’s really a time and expertise issue. I’m at


I did some extensive neopixel research over the weekend, and I am up for this gig. How do I sign your NDA?

If I got your specs and code this week I could get it done quickly.

Here’s my portfolio if you want to see my qualifications.

Send me an email