Waking up slept Boron LTE gives me red flashes

I recently updated to 1.2 (prerelease) in order to use the new functions regarding OTA flashes. My code makes the boron wake up, take some data, send it and then sleep again. The problem now is that if it doesn’t wake up by itself (if I press the reset button), I get red lights. Then I forcefully need to make a power reset and everything goes back to normal.

Is there a way to avoid that? Could it be a firmware problem?

Thanks in advance.

It definetly could be, but we’d need to see some code.

This is my sleeping routine, I publish my data and then turn off connections.

By firmware I meant 1.2.0. Thanks in advance.

          if (Particle.connected()){
                //waitFor(Time.isValid, 60000);
                // Here I publish an event
            } else {
            digitalWrite(D7, HIGH);

            Particle.publish("spark/device/session/end", "", PRIVATE);
            digitalWrite(D7, LOW);
            System.sleep(D6, RISING, 600); // I never use D6


UPDATE: Changed my code to be as simple as this:


void setup() {
    pinMode(D7, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
    digitalWrite(D7, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(D7, LOW);
    System.sleep({}, {}, 60);

Same behavior… Can’t properly reset with the reset button.

I guess it may be a problem with the beta.

Unfortunately I have no LTE Boron so I can’t test with the same hardware.
Maybe @rickkas7 can check.

There was a documented bug affecting all 3rd generation devices in firmware 1.1-rc.1 and it was patched in 1.1.rc-2. I think that firmware v1.2.0-beta.1 was based on 1.1-rc.1, thus it’s affected by this bug too. Try flashing 1.1-rc.2 which is the most recent firmware by the way.

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Well, at least it’s a known issue. I can’t go back to 1.1.0 right now because I need to force updates without a power reset. I actually posted about it here and ended up updating to 1.2.0.

Even though it is not 100% reliable (actually posted about that here) it appears to be the only solution for now.

If any of you guys know any other solution it would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

On version 1.4, this still happens. Is there a specific fix in SW that stops this from happening?