Console not showing new features

I recently installed the new OS (1.2.0) in order to use the new smart release features, particularly the one that forces OTA updates.

I am now facing a problem: it does not show the new features even though it shows the device is currently running the required version.


Is this a console problem? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

This feature requires a firmware binary built for Device OS 1.2.0 or later. If an earlier version is used, the firmware options will not be available.

see the docs

You need to BOTH update the system firmware and your application firmware to v1.2.0+


Intelligent Firmware Releases is currently in beta, and is available to Enterprise customers. Interested in Intelligent Firmware Releases?

Are you an Enterprise customer, and using a Particle Product to manage your devices? I don’t believe it is available to everyone yet.

I do, I am an enterprise customer, and I have also updated both my system and application firmware.


I have used this features before. But they do not always appear.

Hmm, it very well may be a bug then. I’d reach out to Particle Support about it. Might be worth clearing your cache and force reloading just in case too.

Thank you, will do.


Maybe someone in the community can help, I will stay tuned, but this could easily be a bug.

Thanks, I will also try to reach Particle Support.

UPDATE: I have compiled manually with the CLI to 1.2.0, still can’t access to OTA features. I discovered I can access them just when using safe mode.