OTA system firmware (only) update via CLI

There have been various tickets on this topic, but I have a specific requirement.

Is it possible to just update the system firmware OTA using the particle CLI without updating the already installed application (that is running an earlier release candidate version of the system)?

I have a feeling that this is not possible because the application is compiled against a specific version. FYI am wanting to upgrade 0.8.0.rc.1 to 0.8.0.rc3.


I haven’t tried it, but as long the application firmware is targeted at any system version smaller or equal to the version you want to flash that wouldn’t be a reason against it - dynamic linking should allow for that.
It’d always be worth a try - just out of curiosity at least.

@ScruffR, that’s my thinking too - it should work.

Now the issue is how does one OTA update the system firmware only via the CLI?

For that you need to download the binaries from GitHub and send them via particle flash <deviceName> <binaryFile.bin> in the correct order.

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@Scruffr, got it, too easy… system-part1… then system-part2…

Case closed!

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Quick confirmation: it worked as @ScruffR had advised.

You OTA download System Part 1 and then wait for the device to come back online, then OTA download System Part 2.