Electron OTA F/W Upgrade to 0.5.1


is there any way to remotely upgrade a Particle Electron over the air eg. to 0.5.1?

The warning shows, that it goes into safe mode. Is the only way to upgrade the fw to 0.5.1 to remove the Electron from site and connect it via USB?

kind regards

Hey @joky, if you have the CLI, it can be used to flash the system firmware via OTA!

Let me know if that’s ok for you :slight_smile:

yes, OTA upgrade worked fine. It 's a pan to find all information required to do an upgrade,… the manual doesn’t mention the upgrade procedure at all.

The most useful doc I found was included in the readme file of the release, hope it helps anyone else doing the update:

BTW: I did fine updating system-part1, then system-part2 and then (if both have been completed SUCCESSFULLY!!) the app itself. All that worked OTA, without beeing onsite at all.


@joky I’ll see to it that the instructions are available in the documentation.

Maybe a one click OTA in the Dashboard sounds better? :slight_smile:

yes, an upgrade-option in the dashboard would be great :smile: