Electron OTA firmware update

I have an electron at a very remote site that has firmware 6.0. I would like to do an OTA firmware update from 6.0 to 6.2 to match my Particle Dev desktop to I can flash new code.

I guess the other option is to change the firmware target to 6.0 on my Particle Dev desktop IDE. I’m also not clear how to do this despite quite a bit of searching - uugggh.

Sorry for the noob question.


Trying a system update on a remote device without an option to access the device if something goes wrong is risky, but if you want to take the risk, you can download the system binaries and send them OTA via CLI

particle flash <deviceName> system-part1-<version>-<platform>.bin
particle flash <deviceName> system-part2-<version>-<platform>.bin
# and for Electron also
particle flash <deviceName> system-part3-<version>-<platform>.bin

But for this to work you need have the device to stay online long enough to consume all system parts.

If your device is part of a Product Creators product, providing a higher target application firmware will cause the product management to upgrade the device automatically.

Thanks @ScruffR. Good advice. I decided not to try a firmware update - too risky. Instead I was able to flash new code at the old firmware level (0.6.0) using the CLI as described in the docs.



compile your application with the 0.5.0 system firmware and flash it

$ particle flash --target 0.5.0 0123456789ABCDEFGHI my_project

It worked !

Hmm, why for 0.5.0 when your device has got 0.6.0 on it?

that was just a paste from the doc screen - I used 0.6.0 as the target when I did the actual flash.