Updating Electrons in the field

Since I’m pretty new to the Electron I have a question concerning how best to update any electron I have in the field with both an application I create and any system software that I may want to upgrade too.

I have an RV on a lot but in the winter time I won’t be close enough to it, to update any new applications or changes I write; I would normally use the USB (CLI) to update if close enough.

I see you can Flash your application from the web IDE using OTA so I assume that is the best way to handle updating an application. Is that correct?

Even if I do it that way how to I know for sure the update was make correctly?


On first start after a successful OTA update you can catch a spark/device/app-hash event in https://console.particle.io

While you can update application firmware OTA via Web IDE, this won’t be possible for system updates.
You can flash system binaries OTA via CLI but it’s risky.
The best option IMO is creating a Particle Product via https://console.particle.io/products and let the Particle cloud take care of application/system firmware delivery.
You just need to make sure, that your device stays online long enough to actually “see” the pending update and pull it in.

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That all makes sense…thanks scuffr

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