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Good Day:
Unqualified user here…
We have an Electron running a simple read voltage on a pin, send data to ThingSpeak. Not a mission critical project.
We have Device OS: 0.5.4 and would like to update to be able to read Cell signal.

Can I simply enable Force Enable OTA on the Particle Console to get the latest software to the unit?

Thanks for your time.

Each user firmware binary targets a specific version of Device OS. Presumably yours currently targets 0.5.4.

The normal path is to rebuild your firmware binary to target the version of Device OS you want to use and flash that OTA to your device.

When the device reboots it will discover that your firmware requires a newer version of Device OS than is on the device and will upgrade itself OTA.

Because the version of Device OS you have is so old, I think it will require at least one intermediate update so the device will probably reboot at least 6 times.

The recommended Device OS version for the Electron is 2.3.0.

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Thank you for you response. Just so I’m clear, if I click on the Force Enable OTA on the Console screen, will the unit ultimately update itself? It won’t be critical to us if it reboots several times, nor are we concerned about interruption to its normal operation for a short period.

Thanks again!

No, Force OTA will not do that.

Particle devices don’t have a concept of upgrading to the latest version of Device OS, like you would would for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

The version of Device OS is determined by the target Device OS version of your user firmware. So you need to change your firmware’s target Device OS version and flash a new version of your firmware to update the version of Device OS on your device.

Appreciate the assistance.

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