Boron Sleep and Boron Wifi Antenna

Question 1
I am currently trying to put the boron to sleep(STOP) using this command.
System.sleep(D1, RISING , 60);
After firing this command the boron goes to sleep, but doesn’t wake up and the CHG LED starts flickering very fast. I am currently connecting it through the USB port. This command did work with the xenon.
Question 2.
Also just like photon is there a command to active the external antenna for the boron and xenon ? or is it on auto detect ?

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Not sure about the sleep issue, since I haven’t tried it. In question 2, are you referring to the mesh antenna? It’s in the docs.

What device OS version are you running and targeting?

I getting the same result as @Pinak running a Boron on OS 1.1.0

Boron LTE does not wake up after
System.sleep(D1, RISING , 60); or

i am using 0.9.0

Is yours also an LTE Boron or 2G/3G?

I can see the flickering charging LED but if you have no LiPo attached you should be able to disable charging to get rid of that.
When I have a LiPo attached both issues go away - the charging LED does what it’s suppposed to do and the wake works too.
Without LiPo the wake fails with v0.9.0 for me too, but with 1.2.1-rc.2 that issue seems gone.

My test code
void setup() {

void loop() {
  Serial.printlnf("Woke @ %s", (const char*)Time.format());
  Serial.printlnf("Going to sleep @ %s", (const char*)Time.format());
  System.sleep(D1, RISING, 30);
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As @ScruffR points out…LiPo should be connected or either turned off! I am using Boron LTE and v0.9.0 and have got the sleep to work (without disabling LiPo).;
System.sleep({},{}, 20);

This works like a charm for me! Also note I am using SYSTEM_MODE(SEMI_AUTOMATIC); (don’t know if this matters at all) Kudos to whoever thought of this:

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