Sleep Issues, Amber Light

I am currently trying to make a field test device to evolve our PoC. I am having issues with sleep (I am just trying to have a stop mode sleep for 15 minutes, wake up, send a reading, go back to sleep)

It is powered off a USB external battery. I want to turn the lipo charge circuit off all together, as it flashes an amber LED when in sleep.

How do I disable this charger/amber led, and are there any current examples for successful sleep with the network either staying on or turned back on after it comes back on??

A starting point would be to tell us which Particle device you are using :wink:


Bloody hell. Totally thought I said Boron somewhere in there. I just moved physical locations and it worked (cellular updating), so I’m thinking there’s a massive variability on delay in network conditions, which means I need to read up on finite state machines. where’s my async/awaits :smiley:

However that amber charge light is still draining the hell out of the power source in sleep :rofl:

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With a Boron you have access to PMIC and there you may want to try disableCharging()

(I also added the Boron tag)

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Make sure you are using Device OS 2.0.0-rc.1 or later. There are bugs in 1.5.2 that will cause the Boron to use much more current in sleep mode than it should. That’s the most likely cause of excessive power consumption, not the LED.

However, to get the LED to turn off completely you need to disable charging as well as disable the charge safety timer and PMIC watchdog. This code is for the Electron but it should work on the Boron if you substitute Wire1 for Wire3.


I borrowed that function after changing to Wire1, called it (false), and now it stays on as opposed to flashing an insane amount

Oh. Should be set to true. Works great!

Scratch that, it goes fine through about 5 sleep cycles then the amber light comes back which is odd. reports and everything else still function at the same intervals.