Boron charging light flashing very fast when asleep

My LTE boron flashes the orange charge light at maybe 4hz when it goes to sleep. I’m not using a battery, the power supply is capable of 1.5A. The light turns off when the boron wakes up. I used this code to put it to sleep:

SystemSleepConfiguration config;
      .gpio(D5, RISING)
    SystemSleepResult sleepResult = System.sleep(config);
    //if the app wakes electron up, stay awake for 30s to communicate
    if (sleepResult.wakeupReason() == SystemSleepWakeupReason::BY_NETWORK) {
    // Waken by network activity 
      awakeDuration = 30000;
      awakeDuration = 10000;
      sleepDuration = 60;

and this code to disable charging, as found in another post:

void setCharging(bool enable) {

	PMIC pmic;

	// DisableCharging turns of charging. DisableBATFET completely disconnects the battery.
	if (enable) {
	else {

	// Disabling the watchdog is necessary, otherwise it will kick in and turn
	// charing at random times, even when sleeping.

	// This disables both the watchdog and the charge safety timer in
	// Charge Termination/Timer Control Register REG05
	// pmic.disableWatchdog() disables the watchdog, but doesn't disable the
	// charge safety timer, so the red LED will start blinking slowly after
	// 1 hour if you don't do both.
	byte DATA = pmic.readChargeTermRegister();

	if (enable) {
		DATA |= 0b00111000;
	else {
		// 0b11001110 = disable watchdog
		// 0b11000110 = disable watchdog and charge safety timer
		DATA &= 0b11000110;

	// This would be easier if pmic.writeRegister wasn't private (or disable
	// charge safety timer had an exposed method

Is there something else I need to do as well to keep the light off?

Another question related to sleep, the console can’t fetch variables when it is woken up. If I don’t put the boron to sleep the console retrieves them very quickly and reliably. However, I would like the boron to wake up from the request for a variable. System_Thread is enabled and I left it on the default automatic mode. Should there be a pause somehow after it wakes up for reconnection? I thought that since I’m not turning the modem off, it should be able to send the values back almost immediately.