Wait for EtherSIM Tracker One?

I am in Washington state and I really want to pick up a Tracker One. Is there any benefit to waiting for EtherSIM? Our AT&T coverage here is a little spotty and Verizon would be preferred.

The Tracker One EtherSIM (ONE404) does not support Verizon at this time. It officially only supports AT&T Cat M1 in the United States, so there will be no difference from ONE402.

The exception to this is that T-Mobile in some areas has enabled LTE Cat M1. It’s not officially supported by T-Mobile; they’re officially supporting only LTE Cat NB1. However, the ONE404 it will connect to T-Mobile LTE Cat M1 if it’s available and has a stronger signal than AT&T. That’s different than ONE402 which will only connect to AT&T in the United States.