Using Workbench, can't flash device - token incorrect but

I have generated a new token in the CLI, and I have it, but where do I enter it into Workbench?

Why would you need a new token for Workbench?
Have you tried Ctrl+Shift+P

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I get this error when I try to flash it:


HTTP error 401 from - The access token provided is invalid.

I’ve been using Workbench, using the same method to flash my devices for a long time with no issue, namely the little Lightning Flash symbol on the top right. But I haven’t used it for a couple months so something has changed, and it sounds like it wants a new token, on the basis that the old one expired maybe?
But I don’t know where to enter the token.

Have you tried Particle: Login?
You may need to first Particle: Logout and then login again.

BTW, neither for putting the device into DFU Mode nor for local building/flashing a token should be required.
Could it be that you are building in the cloud?

I’m not flashing locally. I am indeed trying to flash in the Cloud, using Workbench. Meaning, my device is in the field, with only cellular access, with good connectivity.