Problem with Particle IO token Access linux (Ubuntu)

Particle IO , linux token is not working as i have to push user button to put the particle in the dfu mode? i got the error: “Network error from” when i click on the link : browser’s error description is : “The access token was not found”. This is the case for linux laptop , with windows , i have not problem with the token. any idea ?

could it be that you need to login to Particle on your linux workstation?


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Hi Gustavo,
Many thanks for reply. I have logged out and logged on to particle on my linux workstation several times which fixed problem for my windows laptop, but i get the same error on linux .

@m_m maybe you can assist?

Just an update, you can flash particle without pushing buttons to put it in the dfu mode via using ‘particle usb dfu’ but problem with token still remains.

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