Using old Core's - how to program them?


I have about ~20 original Cores and I’m at a loss at how to claim the devices and upgrade the OS?
Are they still supported in any way? The iOS app can’t see them and there isn’t an option to choose Cores.

THe documentation available shows device HW details but nothing about how to get those devices updated or programmed.

I also have Platform.IO but can’t see it as a supported board.
After the investment made in supporting the early platform, I’d like to see my early faith on this project to be rewarded.


The Core has no modular firmware. When you build your application the resulting binary is all you need to flash to the device.

You can use Web IDE and CLI to claim, build and flash Cores.

Sure. That is not my question, really.
If the app does not recognise the device and the development IDE cannot see the device, then I cannot flash it.

So, what is the current support for Core devices?

As I said, you can use Web IDE to claim the device - you can also use CLI to claim the device.
Once claimed you will see it in your account.

So yes, my answer did address what you asked.

To your latest question: While the mobile app does not support setting up/claiming a device the other tools still do.
Also Particle Workbench will not support Cores.

I don’t think you ever tried what you’re saying yourself, with a Core.

In any case, I found out how to setup a Core.
You are wrong that the Workbench does not support Cores: in fact, it is the only way now to claim the a device that was not setup before, it seems.

Install Particle Workbench in VS Code
Launch a terminal

particle identify

Grab the Device ID
Then run:

particle setup

which will run you through the device setup, binding to a WiFI network and claim the device.

If you think that I’ll just need to concede and let someone else take over from here.

Just a note:

When you say this, you are actually talking about CLI which is running in the Workbench terminal.
The core business of Workbench is building firmware and for that it’s not supporting the Core.
Do you see any menition of Core in this?

So this statement is wrong for two reasons: You are not using Workbench but CLI (which I listed as one option all along) and it’s not the only way since Web IDE would also let you do it - even if you don’t know how.
So I was not wrong, you may just have misunderstood/misinterpreted what I said and/or what Particle Workbench actually is.