I'm trying to flash an older Core for a kid in my neighborhood to tinker with. Is there any way? I can't claim it in tinker

So I have a few old cores, and there’s a kid in my neighborhood that really needs something to keep him out of trouble. He’s super interested in robotics and what have you. I’ve been trying to set up a core for him, but I can’t get CLI to claim the device. Does CLI still support Cores? I know a photon is way better, but I can’t afford one for myself, let alone him.



In order to claim a device, it must be online and breathing cyan. That’s one common issue.

The other with the Core is that you can’t claim a device that’s already claimed to another user. Make sure you’ve unclaimed the device from your account first.

The current Particle CLI works with Cores.

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@SpruceGoose, you first need to make sure the device is not already claimed. You may want to try the Web IDE to claim the device. Do you know the device ID?

This may be it. It’s probably claimed by an old account.

Thank you!

Let me know how claiming goes! What is the neighborhood kid interested in building?

I will, thank you for the support! He’s interested in a weather monitor, and a bedroom security system :slight_smile:

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Does he need any sensors? I have duplicates of some I’d be happy to send over.

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Oh wow! He would love that. He’d probably be looking for thermometer/ humidistat/ motion sensor. That sort of thing. Let me get this core up and running and I will reach out to you. I’d happily cover shipping.

I forgot how amazing this community is. Thanks!

Awesome, I’ll see what I have! Don’t worry about shipping, I’m happy to cover it. It’s really cool that you’re helping this kid learn more about making things.

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That’s amazing. He’s a really bright kid, but doesn’t really have that support. As soon as i showed him the older Maker Kit his eyes lit up :slight_smile:

I’ll be in touch

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Hey Colleen. I got the core claimed thanks to the support of the forum!

I’m going to be going over to the kids place later to set it up on his WIFI. I’ll try and get him on here with his own account and keep you looped in on his projects.

Thanks again for the offer of some sensors. If you’re still able, please contact me at REDACTED and we can set something up :slight_smile:

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Emailed! Also I redacted your e-mail address- don’t want any spammers getting ahold of it

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