Problems tonight

Are there problems at Particle tonight? I’m trying to flash a Core via the CLI which has been working reliably(!) for a couple of weeks now.

Tonight I can flash my Cores but then they shortly afterwards go into either an SOS state or flashing green, or solid magenta.

When I try to run the particle doctor from the CLI (which has hitherto been reliable and so much less painful than the previous methods of recovering from Core trouble)

Now when I try that when the doctor tries to update CC3000 I get error “this.promptDfD is not a function” (never seen that one before)!

I’ll give all this another go tomorrow.

How about Tinker, does that run reliably? If so, your code could be the issue.
Have you given the factory reset a shot (given that exists on the old Cores).
Any chance we could get a screenshot of the actual errors?

Hi Moors7 - suddenly everything started working as normal again.
Maybe the CLI was doing an update in the background?
If it happens again I’ll take a screenshot. :slight_smile: