Can't setup (or claim) old Spark Core

Looks like first-gen Spark Core doesn’t work anymore with the Particle cloud services. I can connect it to my wifi, but can’t add it to my account.

  • The iOS app can’t connect old cores, redirects to old app (“Tinker”?) that is able to setup the core, but fails to connect it to the cloud.
  • Claiming via dashboard doesn’t work, it just says “Could not claim device.”, without any further explanations.
  • Claiming via particle-cli doesn’t work, it connects the core to wifi, then hangs at “Claiming the core to your account” stage.

Any ideas?

Any ideas?

(originally posted by @vkhq but taken out of original post in order to mark this as solution)
Immediately after posted this, I tried again, and it started excitedly shouting rainbows!

So the required steps are:

  • post a question on, using their posting guidelines,
  • reflash it again via particle-cli: particle flash --usb tinker
  • set it up: particle setup

Since we only can mark a separate post as solution for a thread, I took out your edit and reposted it.
If you want you can repost your solution in your own name and I’ll remove this post not to take credit for your own found solution.

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