Spark Core cannot be claimed

I have a Spark Core that will not finish the claim process.

I have factory reset the device a ridiculous amount of times and I attempt to join it through the CLI (Windows) but it isn’t working.

When I have it scan for a WiFi network, it will not find my SSID (it isn’t concealed) even when I have it sitting right next to the access point. I manually put in the SSID and the WPA2 key and it says for me to press enter when it is breathing cyan. The device restarts, listens for a signal, gives the credentials, gains access, and appears to talk to the Particle Cloud (seen through the RGB LED on the Core).

The next step that happens should have it “shouting rainbows” but it never gets to that point. I just says “Claiming the core to your account” and keeps spinning. I have waited and waited and waited but it never advances.

What do I do now?

So, just to confirm, it is breathing cyan, right?
If so, try claiming it in the web IDE by using the respective button under the devices tab, or use the CLI to try the same. particle device add [id] should do the trick.

I tried both of those. Grabbed the ID and it said it couldn’t claim the device.

I restarted my access point.

Is it possible access was down?

Just to clarify again:

Was your Core breathing cyan when you tried to claim it?
You have got the device ID?
You have tried the ADD NEW DEVICE button in Particle Build? (screenshot?)
Have you got the most recent CLI (currently 1.17.0)?
What exactly did CLI report, when perfoming particle device add <youDeviceID>? (post exact command and output)