User Prompt/User Input Particle Photon

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Hello. I was wondering if there was any way to code for a user prompt using particle photon? Our group would ideally like to have the user set variable data (maybe through IFTTT). Does anyone have any advice? Thanks!


Can you elaborate a bit more?

Gernally speaking, yes there are ways but what do you mean with “code for a user prompt”?

Particle.function() and Particle.subscribe() are the default cloud interfaces to send data to a device.
This would be the starting point for investigation Particle Reference


Thank you for your reply. What we would like is for a random user to be able to input a word using an IFTTT or maybe the Particle app and that data is then put into a variable. After that we want to utilize the variable with an IFTTT applet. I’m not sure I know how to code for Particle.function or Particle.subscribe. Do you think this could be done using them? Maybe using the Particle app? I hope that makes sense.


This is definetly doable.