Using IFTTT w/ Particle

New Particle Photon user, not a programmer but can understand and follow a simple program.
First project: Garage door opener (how original!) controlled by android via IFTTT

Seems like there has been a lot of change w/ IFTTT and Particle so any google data i’m finding seems no longer easy to follow and relate. I am finding things mostly about the spark internet button, or the DO button, which seem to be no longer used.

Is a good, easy comprehensive description anywhere (the IFTTT site even seems confusing to me) of how to use IFTTT to, say , just turn on a photon board output, or read an input? (remember your “good, easy comprehensive description” may be my “confusing pile of words” to a new user, non-programmer like me.
Perhaps I’m just to lazy to keep searching, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

@BeeCee, did you look in the documentation?

I did, that linked me to IFTTT, that’s where I got a little overwhelmed and frustrated because it didn’t tell me EXACTLY what I needed RIGHT AWAY.
I guess I need to be patient, read it all over, and figure it out.
Was just looking for a shortcut to get me started.
I guess if I want it to be real simple I should just buy a wifi connected garage door opener. NAW!

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@BeeCee, don’t forget to check out since you will probably find a lot of Particle projects using IFTTT. :wink:

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That’s probably the issue. What you need, might not be exactly what others need, and thus generalized descriptions are given, for people to interpret as they see fit.

You need some kind of code on the device that opens the door on receiving the function call. How exactly that works depends on your hardware setup. Often, it’s as simple as toggling a digital pin to switch a relay.

This is where you can choose, though a function might be the simplest at the moment.

Pick your device, and the respective function.

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I will definitely check it out,

That is exactly the concise instruction I was hoping for!
I had seen the button widget, but didn’t know how to connect to the applet. So clear now.
Thank you so much.

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