USB Serial Port + Particle Workbench + Windows10 not working

Not able to get the USB Serial working (Particle Workbench-USB Serial on a Windows-10)

Here’s the code on the photon:

#include "application.h"

void setup() {
   pinMode(D7, OUTPUT);  

void loop() {
      digitalWrite(D7, !digitalRead(D7));
  USBSerial1.println("Hello USBSerial1!");

D7 is blinking continuous indicating it’s stuck looking for the serial port.

On the workbench, I opened Particle->Serial Monitor and it shows:

I had added a new com port using Device manager

I did go through this article, but it says it doesn’t apply for Windows-10. Installing the USB Driver on Windows & Serial Debugging

Any help appreciated!

Should’ve tried this before posting, I just changed the USB cable and everything works now!