Unresponsive u-blox, on 3 boron LTE and counting

As of today we now have 3 Boron LTE’s that have unresponsive ublox modems, does anyone have any advise as to how to diagnose these faulty units. This last one was just unboxed, new. The other two where actually in the field.

When enabling full serial debugging we can see the the main MCU is sending AT commands but we are not getting any response from the ublox.

I would like to do some root cause analysis before we raise a Particle support ticket.


Hi @johnnyfp - please open a support ticket about this. What we’d like to see is:

a) complete Serial Numbers
b) Cloud Debug logs (Releases · particle-iot/cloud-debug · GitHub) min. 10 minutes from at least 2 devices
c) any information you can provide about prior hardware configuration of the device, if the device went through any IQC jig, etc…