Unclaiming a core from a non-known account [Solution posted]

We had a workshop and now one remaining core that I wnat to hook up to some xmas project is claimed by an unknown user account. It is not in use any more, I was able to get at the spark core address, but I cannot claim it now with my current account. What is the procedure here… or is it possible at all? I guess otherwise I got a piece of hardware that no one can use, right?

You can email hello@spark.io and they will correspond with the email account tagged to it or use other methods to help unclaim the core.

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Is this problem solved? My problem is same :frowning:


what issues are you facing?

I m working for andoid sdk and i have 2 spark core. In my example andriod app i cretae a user and claim my 2 device with him. But i cant unclaime this devices. For that reason i cannot acces my devices. How can i unclaime this devices. I cant remember my test user’s password. For that reason cannot login with test user and unclaime devices. Can i reset device key with dfu?

i already devices and connect to over usb cable. but i cant unclaime devices :frowning:
is there any way?

That’s unfortunate. If you have the test user’s username and email address used to during testing, we should be able to help you along.

Try this as well: https://build.particle.io/forgot-password

Changing keys will not help. The :cloud: has attached that device ID under that particular account.

indeed test user hasnt any email i write sample text like bla bla. i dont think its so important. but now i cant unclime devices

Hmm… You are using the particle :cloud: right? An email address is required to create an account…

yes but android sdk allow create an account without valid email addres like this adasd.

Hi. Now i see my devices under Particle Dashboard Devices Tab and i can claim one device. But Other device still cannot be claimed