Does the spark core ID bind account?

I had got spark core form my friend.When I have to connect to spark core ,it always stuck with claim account.
I go to remove device,it show permission denied. So I think doesn’t the spark core ID bind account?? ths~~

Yes, with the Core, the device is linked to a specific account. You could ask your friend to ‘unclaim’ the device in his web IDE. Alternatively, you could open a serial port (use putty, or something like it) and press i. That will give you the device ID. If you go to your web IDE and enter that in the “add a device” prompt, you will be asked if you’d like the ownership transfered. Should you wish to do so, your friend will get an email asking for permission.

I use particle identify to get the device ID,and I go to web IDE enter the ID ,it show "Could not request transfer."
BTW I got spark core in hackathon,I don’t ready know whose account link the ID.

Okay, since you’re using the CLI already, could you try a particle device add [deviceID]?

It show
Claiming device 53ff6f066678505536552367
Failed to claim device, server said { ok: false,
errors: [ ‘That belongs to someone else. To request a transfer add ?request_tr
ansfer=true to the URL.’ ] }

Okay, so it definitely belongs to someone else. Could you try the web IDE route once more, and perhaps make a screenshot of the ‘error’ you’re seeing?


Hi Wilson,

it looks like you already requested the transfer twice. Now the original owner has to accept the transfer. Can you contact him/her and nudge to accept it?

I don’t really know who link the ID ><
I got it free from hackathon activity

how can I solve it? ><

You’d have to wait for the current owner to release it. That said, if that won’t happen in a decent timeframe, it could be transfered manually.

trandferred manually?? how to do that?

Someone at Particle will have to do so. You can’t do that yourself. That’s why the email system is in place. Once the original owner “releases” his device, you will be able to claim it.

ok,thank u very much!

If the owner doesn’t release it in a few days (we usually wait 3 business days) go ahead and email us at