Help desperately needed:Claim Device says: "That belongs to someone else..."

Why do I get this error? has anyone else gotten this error?


is this a brand new core or an existing. If it is existing, you should have claimed it already.

Click on the spark tab and Select device to see all the devices in your account

Hi @markmenge,

If you haven’t yet, email, or use the core transfer feature on the web ide -> . When you try to claim it online, it’ll let you send an email requesting a transfer.


In, Cores, Add a core, Request Transfer says “Could not request transfer”. Please see attachment. Please change that message to say whats wrong and tell me how to fix it.

Hi @markmenge

This is something that can only really be handled by emailing for help at with the core ID (hex number above) and any other data you might have such as how you got the core.

The message means that this core was used by someone else and they have “claimed” it in the Spark cloud, so you cannot use it until they give up control and “unclaim” it. When you contact Spark, they will contact the registered owner and ask if it should be transferred.