Requesting core transfer

Can someone describe the detailed method of getting back lost cores?

We have 4 cores THAT WE OWN and do not know/can’t remember the user ID that claimed them.

There is a tantalizing hint in Spark Dev when I try to claim the cores:

“That belongs to someone else. To request a transfer add ?request_transfer=true to the URL”

I’m using Spark Dev->Spark->Claim device… so I have no idea what URL to append the request.

Any help would be appreciated…

Drop an email to with your core id and make reference to this thread.

Done. Is the normal procedure?

I believe an easier system is being worked on, which should be included in the fleet management. It’s not really an easy problem to solve, since you can’t just allow people to reclaim devices themselves. It would get really annoying when you found out someone from across the globe has claimed your Core.
So yes, for now, this is the best option. Alternatives may be provided in the (hopefully not so distant) future.

I understand the problem. Just trying to find out who claimed them so I can ask for them back. What is fleet management? More info somewhere?

If you’ve mailed the above mentioned address, that will surely be taken care of.
As far as fleet management goes, there’s not a lot to tell yet. It’s a system being designed to be able to more easily interact with large groups of :spark: devices. You can read a bit about it over here.

If you do remember the user who owns the core, you can transfer ownership using the particle command line interface.

First log in as the current core owner: particle setup

Then release the core: particle device remove 12345678923456789

The log in as the new owner: particle setup

Claim the core: particle device add 12345678923456789

I’m including this here because I found this topic through Google and I thought that contacting support was the ONLY way to transfer ownership of a core.

I neglected to add closure to this thread.

I did contact Particle and they do, indeed, have a system for getting back LOST devices. When I say LOST, I mean you let someone play with some of your devices and they registered them under a quick temporary email and no one can remember the owner.

Dum but it has happened.

The procedure is long and complicated and I urge you to keep track of all your devices and how they are registered at Particle.

To get started retrieving a lost core:

Drop an email to with your core id and make reference to this thread.

Actually i think the Web IDE takes care of it when you claim a device that is already claimed with some email procedure :wink: