Unable to release particle internal sim

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I am unable to release my internal sim registered on my account. I wanted to shif the ownership of boron, so I unclaimed it but I am unable to release the sim which makes it impossible to register the boron with another account. I have waited a good couple of hours but still, the problem exists, every time I try to release my sim it just says

“Bummer! There was a problem with releasing your SIM. Try again later.”


Hi @rohan_vamshiG! Would you mind PMing me the ICCID of this SIM card? I’ll get this sorted (it’s likely stuck in a queue for deactivation by one of our telephony partners).


Thanks for the ICCID, @rohan_vamshiG! The SIM is indeed in a queue for deactivation. If the issue doesn’t resolve by EOD, or if the issue grows critical/urgent, please PM me again and I’ll file a ticket on your behalf. :slight_smile:

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